Matt Warren – Laguna Handyman
Photo of Matt Warren

Both my Grandfathers were incredibly talented with their hands. One Grandfather, upon his arrival to California, built the house that my Mom and her four siblings grew up in. He supported his family working for SoCal Edison.

In fact, I own some of the tools he used while working for Edison. My other Grandfather owned his own leather/saddle shop. He was adept at both working with leather, and fixing the machines he used to work with the leather. He did go out of business, but he said it had something to do with the automobile.

My Father couldn't fix a cheese sandwich. I guess it skips a generation.

I have also learned from several of my Uncles. One Uncle taught me carpentry when he helped me build a beautiful second story deck and the stairway leading up to it. I have also learned from several contractors that I've worked both for and with. I have honed my skills over the years working on several rental units, both residential and industrial, that my Mother owns.

Serving the Laguna area since 1996.